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    Distribution Log files only capture 1 month?

    Crystle Stamper

      We have auditors testing our system/documentation for correcting errors when Qlikview documents fail.


      I am attempting to collect log files for the past year to show when a document has failed, the Alert email (set up in the QMC) is sent and then the next day, the document runs correctly.


      The problem is, when I go to the log files here [D:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\1\Log] it is only showing logs for the past 30 days.


      So basically...

      • I need to change the setting for creating these logs to keep a years worth of data.
      • Or if there is another log file that shows the same type of data I need AND has it saved for the past year, where/what is the log file for that?
      • Or do I just have to have these logs files periodically saved to another location to be able to have a long term collection of this data.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



        • Re: Distribution Log files only capture 1 month?
          Peter Turner

          Hi Crystle,

          The default is to keep reload logs for 30days and the server automatically cleans them up.

          You can change this behaviour by editing one of the config files, make sure you have a backup of the file first and restart your QDS service afterwards:

          File should be located in c:\Program Files\QlikView\Distribution Service\QVDistributionService.exe.config

          Then you can edit the file and change the following section to a larger value

          <!-- The number of days to keep QDS logs -->
          <add key="NbrOfDaysToKeepQDSLogs" value="30" />

          Also the Event/Performance/Session logs should be persistent but might not have the type of information your looking for.