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    SAP functional module call

      can anyone help me to read SAP "Read_Text " functional module through QV SAP Connector ...
      And how to call functional module related to SAP HR ..... can any one suggest me the solution....

      The problem I am facing .... HR module can be accessed via Cluster of Tables .... and too many functional module collaboratively producing the result .... but its keeping inside some internal table of SAP (not transparent ) so my question is how can I access those functional modules and collect those on the fly and keep it in QVDs....



        • SAP functional module call
          sunil jain

          one among many possible solution is

          make ABAP Program and call required functional module in that program.

          and in Qlikview SAP Connector you can execute and extract data by calling that ABAP Program in Report Connector.


            • SAP functional module call

              Hi Sunil,
              Love to see your reply every time ... I know the fact what you have suggested in your reply ... But my client is reluctant to write the ABAP script ... and always asking about "THEN WHAT IS THE USE OF SAP CONNECTOR" ... and I found QV SAP connector should think in a broader way ....and ease the life of developer and end user IT team ...

              Like in my previous Blog I have written about delta load process .... see it has to have some automated process ...if its depends widely on the SQL part then what is the use of using Incremental load process ...its all human and manual intervention ....

              Tell me one thing how many QV developers and its user (Like inhouse IT team) does got the technical knowledge about most common ERP

              The table, then which date field then what is the nature of Table whether deletion happens on Flag basis or straight delete ....

              We can discuss a lot but virtually ... what i think QV has been develop to cater the Local market and where people used to use Either their own home grown product / Legacy / Excel ... not for Big market where people think about complete ERP or EAI

                • SAP functional module call
                  sunil jain

                  Thanking You,

                  I am agree with you in context of delta load by SAP connector, and to call function module.

                  I also send the some feature request to qliktech in same subject like what is , what should be , how is it possible.

                  but till now donot get any response .

                  We can jointly discuss regarding all the sap realated issue with qliktech and try for possible solution for that. , My client also have same word like "THEN WHAT IS THE USE OF SAP CONNECTOR" ... .

                  There is bright features of Qlikview + SAP but prior to that qliktech have to solve all these issue.


                  Sunil Jain


              • SAP functional module call


                You may also check out the Xtract QV BAPI component:


                You can access the BAPI RFC_READ_TEXT to get the long text to certain objects.

                If you have any detail questions, just let me know.

                Kind regards,

                Patrick Theobald



                  • SAP functional module call
                    sunil jain

                    Dear Patrick,

                    Can you provide trial version of Xtract QV ?. We alredy discussed lots of thing on it. So I want to know features and functionalities .


                    Sunil Jain




                    • SAP functional module call

                      Patrick, what about the Certificate form SAP Net-weaver as you know SAP quite restricted to support 3rd Party access .... and sometimes its Unicode encrypted data format ... so on the safer side how your Application will really come as a best of the breed ...

                      Next thing is that do you provide Delta Access at the time of Standard SAP table access ...
                      I have seen your DeltaQ ...but found that will works in BW environment ....but here I am referring to Transparent table delta, Simulation based or graphically inspired ....

                      1... like what ever the tables that I have referred in my script ...the tool will bring all the Tables in a front end GUI
                      2... then will Ask for which table i want to refer as Delta (Check Box)
                      3... And do the rest in the Back end, we need not to bother about which generic Date field we gonna refer for Delta procedure and so forth
                      4... Rather Your application takes care about everything The Nature of the Table, the filed it need to refer

                      If you have all these please let me know ....