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    Trouble loading certain columns via OLEDB connection

      Hello - I'm having trouble loading all columns that have headers which contain spaces via an OLEDB connection.


      I can see all of the columns and check them off in the data manager prior to loading:data manager view.png


      However, upon loading I can only see a select number of the columns (16 out of the 37 checked):

      data model viewer.png

      Yet, the data load editor displays all 37 of the selected columns:

      data load editor.png


      While troubleshooting we noticed that the columns that didn't get loaded had a space in their name (Filter Predicate, Passing Fraction etc.).


      When trying to load only one of the columns which has a space in it, we receive the following error:Error.png

      Does anyone have any insight to this? We don't think it's an issue with the actual connection since we can view and load most of the columns that don't meet the "having a space" condition. Are there any known issues surrounding this? Any feedback is much appreciated. Also let me know if there's any other information that you need me to clarify. Thanks!