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    SAP - RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER Error While extracting Data from SAP

      Hi All,

      We are getting RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER error while Extracting the Data from SAP.

      Please see the details of the same in the below section


      This is regarding the SAP Transprt error & we are not able to extract data from SAP as it is throwing error & need your suggestions/recommendation to resolve the same.
      Following are the Steps done by us over here
      1. First We have imported the Transport Files for SAP Connector Ver5.5 but all the objects were not imported hence the status of the import was "Import running (IN SAP System)" & we were also not able to find the QTQVCACCESS role in the Role tab.
      2. I have attached the Screen shot (1.jpg to 5.jpg) which gives the Explanation of the objects got imported & rest were not getting imported.
      3. I have also attached the screen shot of the SAP Version Details for your reference.
      Next Step
        • Installed QlikView Developer 10.0 SR1 Version.
        • Later we have removed the 5.5 Transport files from the SAP Basis system & tried with SAP Con 5.2 Ver.
        • Here the Import of Transport Files was successful (Pasted "QT2K900175 & QT2R900175" in cofiles Folder & "QT2K900101 & QT2K900101" in data folder of SAP)
      1. Installed the SAP Connector Ver5.2 successfully
      2. We have Followed all the Steps as per the Installation Document (for Version 5.2).
      3. When we tried to test if SAP Connector & the Transport Files are imported perfectly or not, We tried the T-Code /n/QTQVC/SQL but it has thrown the error as the "Function is not availiable" in SAP (Tried this by Logging into the new user created for QlikView by BASIS Team).
      4. Next i tired creating a Connection String which was sucessfull but when i hit the "SELECT" button in the QlikView ETL Script the Whole Application was hanged & not displaying the Tables List.
        • I also tried creating a SQL Statemenmt as "SQL SELECT * FROM KNA1; but gave me a error as Attached "RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER".
        • Included Log File for the same

      I have also given the LOG File for all your reference[View:http://community.qlik.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Discussions.Components.Files/27/7002.Screen-Shots-SAP-Errors.rar:550:0]

      I need support from you all in this.