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    How to ignore selection

    Darmawan Suria



      Anyone can help me, how to Ignore Year_Month Selection for this Set Analysis :



      sum({<YEAR_MONTH = {">=$(=date(addmonths(max({1}YEAR_MONTH), -12), 'YYYY-MM'))"} * {"<=$(=max({1}YEAR_MONTH))"}, JENIS_TRX>}TOT_TRANS),TANGGAL))


      So if I do select the YEAR_MONTH, the Chart below will not change.

      Max Trx.jpg



      I also doesn't want this KPI changed by YEAR_MONTH Selection

      FirstSortedValue(DISTINCT TANGGAL, -Aggr(sum(TOT_TRANS),TANGGAL))

      Date Top Trx.jpg


      Thanks for you help.