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    Add Data Vs Data Load Editor


      I am using qlik sense.What is difference between add data and data load editory.


      I am trying to connect my oracle DB using both option taking long time around 20 mins till not completed.


      1.What is difference between both option

      2.Why taking long time

      3. Without data loading is it possible to join and create reports.



      Govind R

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          Jonathan Dienst

          1. The only difference is the way the script is generated --  if you are not adjusting the script in the load editor, then there is no difference at all.


          2. Check that the SQL query is not the problem. Check the query performance in another tool (such as Toad).


          3. What would you be reporting? The expression editor will show errors for the missing fields and will not autocomplete them. And you would have no way of checking that the expression is correct.

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              Thanks a lot.

              I select 16 dimension tables and 2 fact tables.Then i select add data option after 20 mins later i got error like

              An error Occured. The app has beed closed.To continue working please refresh the app.


              Now my question is if i select 18 tables then


              1. Is it extract all tables data into local (Where my qvf files stored)

              2. some tables dont have correct field names for joining, After data loading only i have to give join.


              Now what can i do ?

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                  Anand Chouhan

                  Dear Govind,


                  1. For SQL Query connection i suggest create the connection string Or with variable otherwise by the wizard.

                  2. Then add the tables same here create the path of the qvds into the variable and load the tables.




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                    Kaushik Solanki

                    Hi Govind,


                    As you said, what I understand is

                    1. You are loading all tables at one go. - This may have increased the load time, because Qlik by default makes linking between tables where ever it finds similar field name, so if there are multiple same field name in multiple table, then Qlik will create a synthetic table. So the unnecessary linking is increasing the load time.


                    2. You are using the Qlik Sense on your local machine. - This may restrict the data which can be loaded, because your machine RAM will be a constraint to load huge data.



                    Kaushik Solanki

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                  Kaushik Solanki



                  The purpose of both is same i.e create a script which can load the data.


                  Add Data - This is used and helpful when you dont know about how to load the data. This will guide you through the wizard and generate the script for you.


                  Data Load Editor - This will take you directly to the place where script are written, this will be helpful when you want to write your own script.


                  As far as your data loading issue, there could be multiple reasons.


                  1. Data Size which you are trying to load.

                  2. The machine capability to handle the data (The machine from which you are loading the data) (Insufficient RAM and CPU)

                  3. Data Push capability of your database.

                  4. The network bandwidth.



                  Kaushik Solanki