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    REST Connector for Facebook

    Adam Abwat-Johnson

      Hi all,


      I'm coming up with a problem when I try to use the REST API to connect to Facebook. I have previously been successful in doing this (following the instructions in the online help) on my laptop with QS version 3.0


      When I try at a client site with QS version 2.2.4 and the standalone REST Connector it works until I specify the paging url details.


      Without paging url it connects to Facebook and returns the first 25 results.


      When I try to specify the paging url setting then I get an error saying I need to specify an access token. Obviously I have already done this to get the results above (and checked this is still valid in the Facebook Graph API tool).


      Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? Or if there are any known issues with the standalone REST connector?