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    Issue with repository service in Sense

    Ravichandra N

      Hello all,


      Some of the applications on Sense server got corrupted; I don't really know for what reason. I restarted the server and the services did start running; however, the sense site doesn't open from then. I dug in some log files and found this:

      Can someone throw some light on how to fix this?



      Command=Start repository;Result=-2146233088;ResultText=Error: An exception was thrown while invoking the constructor 'Void .ctor(Qlik.Sense.Logging.IQSLogManager, Repository.Core.INodeStaticInfo, Qlik.Sense.Communication.Security.ICertSetup, Qlik.Sense.Common.Communication.REST.Server.IRESTEngineFactory, Repository.Core.ISystemInformation, Qlik.Sense.IO.ISystemFolderInformation, Repository.Core.Certificates.ICertificatePasswordVerificationWebService, Qlik.Sense.Common.Logging.ILogMaster)' on type 'SetupService'. ---> The "GetAll" operation failed (See inner exception for details.)000System0Not availableRepositoryNot availableNot availableStart repository-2146233088The "GetAll" operation failed698aaaa8-ee74-447e-b570-a23ba00cd06e