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    QlikView Expression to multiply count with a field

      Hello Friends,


      I have been calculating using a qlikview expression, however its a count function  in combination with a field .


      =(count( {$<Success_Factor >}[Ticket #]) - count(  {$< Success_Factor ={'Success'} >}[Ticket #]))/(count( {$<Success_Factor = {'Success'} >}[Ticket #]) +count( {$<Success_Factor >}[Ticket #]) - count( {$<Success_Factor = {'Success'} >}[Ticket #]))* [Ship Out Performance on time]


      I would like to multiply the first part of calculation with the  Ship Out Performance on time.


      I do get a null value because I do not know the correct way to calculate.

      Any clues to calculate this expression in the best possible way ?


      Many Thanks!