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    Set Analysis with field equal to formula of that field

      I've got a data set that has two date dimensions, one is a month end date (called PED), the other is the month I saved the data (called Monthly_DataDate).


      I have a List Box setup for Monthly_DataDate so the user can select the data pull they are interested in. I want to have a table that compares the selected month, and the prior month's data set for say sum(Budget) IE:

      PED8/1/16 Budget7/1/16 Budget



      I've tried to do something like this:

      Sum({$<Monthly_DataDate={'$(=AddMonth(Monthly_DataDate,-1)'}>} Budget)

      But I don't get anything back.

      I've also tried using a variable:

      v_Monthly_DataDate =GetFieldSelections( Monthly_DataDate,';', 1,'Other Reports' )


      V_Monthly_DataDate gives me the data I expect, but when I use it in a set analysis, it appears to be ignoring my other filters:

      Sum({$<Monthly_DataDate={'$(vMonthly_DataDate)'}>} Budget)


      What am I doing wrong?