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    which tables are used for KSB1?

    Robson Candeo

      I'm using SAP Connector and need help finding in which tables are the data for KSB1 aplication.

      I've found something in COBK and COEP but there's more table involved since I didn't find all data.

      Somente can help me please?



        • which tables are used for KSB1?
          Rakesh Mehta

          Hi Robson

          Sunil is correct with COSP, the only problem would be that it would give you aggregated figures, which may be fine with your requirements but if you would like to be able to link to source transactions and make it drill-down-able, you may want to go with COBK & COEP route.

          In COEP you can filter out records based on your requirements. For this you may use field VRGNG contents. For example, if you are looking for cost postings you could include VRGNG = COIN, for direct postings you can include RKL records. Just keep in mind that COEP contains both transaction postings and Settlement posting, so if you don't filter out the net would be zero. If you want to report what has been settled, you could go after KOKA and KOAO records.

          Going after COEP is little extra efforts, but as soon as you link up other tables based on OBJNR and other fields, you would be smiling. :-)

          Good luck!!!


          • which tables are used for KSB1?
            Elaine Fitzsimmons

            Hi Robson

            For actual lines items you can use table COVP which is the table read when running KSB1. (Plan line items is COVJ, report KSBP).

            If you have difficulty to identify what tables you need if you run transaction RKACSHOW in sap for a particular object (cost center, Internal Order etc) and it will list all tables with entries for the object. You can drill into the tables then to view the details.

            Just to specify this will only give you values linked to object numbers, you would still have to pull master data tables (CSKS, AUFK etc) in order to get a complete view of KSB1.

            Hope this is of some help.

            cheers, Elaine