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    How to check for a Value in a column while filtering

    Bijoy B


               How can I check whether a value exist in a column while filtering the same column??


                For instance, in my current table I have a 'GROUP' column with distinct values (G1 to G8). I have visualized a graph for which all groups are not applicable, created a filter for GROUP. If G1 is the only group which is applicable to the graph, and in filter if I am selecting G1, graph should be shown and if G1 is not selected in the filter, a message 'Graph not relevant' should be shown in the KPI I created near the graph.


               I have created an expression measure for the KPI as shown below which is working for my requirement if I am selecting only one value in the filter.

                                     if(GROUP like 'G1','-','Graph not relevant')


               But if I am selecting any more than one value including 'G1', the value passing to KPI is 'Graph not relevant'. Is there any method to check whether the filter contains value 'G1', so that the number of values selected in the filter will not effect the condition check.


              Please suggest, Thanks in advance.