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    Salesforce.com Connector Issue with Case Object?


      Hello friends -

      I just downloaded and installed the QV Salesforce.com connector for QV10. For most things I've tried so far, it works great. I've even made some dashboards out of opportunity and account data. Revealed some helpful stuff right away. But I cannot make it extract case data. Here is the error text I'm bumping into:

      SQL##f - SqlState: 37000, ErrorCode: 10179, ErrorMsg: [QlikTech][ODBC QlikView SalesForce Connector driver][Salesforce SQL]Syntax error in SQL statement. syntax error line 2 at or after token <Case>.[10179]
      SQL SELECT *
      FROM Salesforce.Case

      My guess is that Somewhere it thinks that 'case' is a reserved word here. However, I'm just trying to extract help desk type data from SFDC.

      Has anyone bumped into this before? Can you help?

      Eric Carlson

      Sioux Falls, SD USA