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    QlikView SAP Connector - UTF-8

    Karl Pover

      In a prospect we are having problems extracting data from SAP BW. We are able to connect, but the values we extract are strange characters or null values. The prospect's basis consultants tell us that the SAP BW is configured for UTF-8 and it appears to them that the QlikView transports don't support this configuration. Has anybody else had experience with this subject?

      We are also investigating other possible reasons for the problem like the version of SAP BW which is version 7.0 with superpackages 19 or 21, permissions or the version of QlikView SAP Connector. We've tried version 5.4 SR1 and 5.5 SR3 so far. Anybody else have any idea?

      We use the SAP SQL Connector for faster extraction of the BW cubes and this would be the preferable way to extract the data.

      Thanks for the help.