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    Qlik Sense Performance in general

      Hi everyone


      To increase our Qlik Sense Server's Performance, I thought it was a good idea to increase CPU cores and RAM.

      Also in the Operations Monitor (see image below), our CPU usage was at a Maximum this August with 90%.



      Our RAM usage also often has been at 80% + and from time to time our Server crashed. So I asked our IT to increase CPU and RAM, but they told me it wouldn't help anything: Their measures say that max CPU usage in August was at 38% and max RAM usage at 86%.


      So my questions are:


      What Kind of usage is the max CPU usage in Operations Monitor? Shouldn't it be the same number as the one our IT delivered?


      And whatever number it is: Can't more CPU cores increase Qlik Sense's Performance anyway?


      And what about RAM?



      I'm really no Computer Hardware specialist and hope you can help me with That less Information given.


      Best regards