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    Expression problem !

      Hi everybody,

      I just start working on QLIK and im brand new to this community, so please expect some obvious questions
      want to build an operationnal report to follow tickets.

      I started to follow created/canceled tickets based on their creation date, per week.


      X-Asis(Bottom) -> Week(Creation date)

      Expressions :

      Number ot new tickets : count (ticket)

      Number of canceled tickets : -count({<[Macro statut]={'70-NOT DONE'}>} Ticket)

      (nb : it didnt work with -count(if(Macro statut]='70-NOT DONE', Ticket) ? )


      And it worked just fine.


      But since i want to mix different dates (creation date, delivery date, etc.)  in the future i decided to create a new island week date "Period"  (Create Chart Dimension from Two Fields Value. | Qlik Community ) and use is as X asis.




      X-Asis(Bottom): Period

      Number ot new tickets:count( if(Period=CreatedWeek, Ticket))


      But i am not able to count the number of canceled tickets. I tried many way of writing it like:

      - mixing set analysis and if condition : -count(if(Period=CreatedWeek), {<[Macro statut]={'70-NOT DONE'}>} Ticket)

      - expanding set analysis : -count({<[Macro statut]={'70-NOT DONE'}, Period=CreatedWeek>} Ticket)

      - many others combination like trying to put the if() before the count(), etc...


      But none of them worked. I guess im missing something..


      Thanks you for your help.