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    ISNull Functionality

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,

      My requirement is if we do not select anything from Calendar Filter object, then it show the data for max date. and if select any date from Calendar filter object then it will show data for that selected date.

      I have two fields.Date and # New Claims.

      I have two variable as below:


      SET v_DATE_D = max([DATE]);

      Set v_DATE = GetFieldSelections([DATE]);


      We have calendar filter object as extension. Like Below:



      I am writing below statement :


      If (GetFieldSelections(DATE) = NULL, Sum({$<DATE = {'$(=$(v_DATE_D))'}>} [# New Claims]), Sum({$<DATE = {'$(=$(v_DATE))'}>} [# New Claims]))

      But it is not showing data for max date, which it needs to show by default.


      If we use below statement:

      If (GetSelectedCount(DATE) = 0, Sum({$<DATE = {'$(=$(v_DATE_D))'}>} [# New Claims]), Sum({$<DATE = {'$(=$(v_DATE))'}>} [# New Claims]))


      It is showing value for max date in default view, but if I select any date where we do not have proper data, then also it is showing for max date. For other date it is showing proper data.

      Please help me.