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    How to add a 'Unknown' value/record in dimension table?

      Dear Qlikviewers,


      I am designing and implementing a dimensional model in Qlikview. But I'm having some issues with empty fields in my fact table.


      The situation:

      I load a fact table with multiple sorts of costs, both actuals and budgets. This 'cost fact table' is a concatenation of the actuals and the budgets.

      However, all the budget records have a cost center, and the actuals don't.

      In my fact table I am perfectly able to populate these empty cost center fields with 'Unknown'. With something like => (if(isnull(costcenterKEY), 'Unknown', costcenterKEY))

      My dimension table 'cost center' does not have a record/value 'Unknown'.



      How do I get this 'Unknown' record/value in my cost center dimension table? (which comes straight from a SAP DB)