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    Qlikview Mapping Example - Mapquest

    Danielle van Eeden

      Hi All,


      I have recently been doing some research around adding maps into my Qlikview apps, and as part of this I have been looking at the 'Qlikview Mapping Example' in the Extension Examples.qvw file (from C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Documents\)


      However, instead of seeing a map, there is a message saying that Mapquest has now discontinued direct tile access.


      As has been alluded to in other discussions, I have created an account with Mapquest so I now have a key I can use, but I'm not sure how to apply this to the maps to get them to work, or whether there is something more I need to do? At this stage I@m just looking to be able to view the maps within the Extension Examples.qvw file.


      Any help greatly appreciated!