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    Table gets displayed differently on Access Point

      Hey Guys,


      I have a quite weird problem here. I pushed a new version of my dashboard to the Access Point. We do not use the publisher so it is just replacing the old file by the new one. This worked so far without any problem, until now.


      I replaced the old version with the new one yesterday and now 2 pivot tables in the dashboard get not displayed properly.

      If I take a look at the properties of the tables I can see that the hierarchy dimension is missing, that would explain why it is displayed not correct.


      The really weird thing is that I did not change anything before copying the file. If I open the development version locally or on the server everything is fine. If I replace the existing file in the lets say production path it does not display it properly because the dimension in the table is missing. If I copy it there under another name it works fine, rename it to the correct name it does not work again.


      This looks like its a QV Server problem. Maybe the Cache? We restarted the QlikView Services already but no effect.


      Does anyone has a idea?


      Thanks and best regards,