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    SAP Connector 5.5 SR3 Transports

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi Guys,

      When I see the transports for SAP Connector 5.5 SR3 and for SAP BASIS 610-620 everywhere in manual are only two tranports mentioned

      as follows:


      For these systems, the following transports should be installed on the SAP System:
      1) E6DK900096 (Data extraction)
      2) E6DK900086 (User profile)
      The transports must be installed in the above order. The first is cross-client; the second transport
      is client-specific and has to be installed in all clients where it is intended to be used.


      But when I download the transports I see in addition to two above one more as follows.

      What should be done with the third one?

      error loading image

      Any Idea? and in which Order must the third transport be installed??