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    Create a Master Dimension item from two fields

      I need to be able to create a master dimension item from two fields in Qlik Sense. I have the following example data:


      Call ID:                         Parent ID:

      C1236                           C4568  


      C1236                            C9876 

      C123                              C9876


      I need to be able to count the distinct [Call ID] and distinct [Parent ID] and then have this total be used as dimension. I am having difficulty getting this to work. I am able to get a count of the distinct [Call ID] but the fx is not counting the distinct [Parent ID]. I have been trying to use the following expression in a KPI object:  Count({<[Liaison Type]={'MSL','FSL'},Objective={'Presentations'},[Product: Description]={'XXX'}>} distinct [Call: Call ID]&'-'&[Parent Call]).


      Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated.