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    Creating a snapshot from Qlik Engine API

    Maxime Dumas



      Based on the API documentation, it is possible to create a snapshot from the Engine API. I spent some time trying to understand this page, but there are a couple of mysteries left. First, it doesn't appear to create a snapshot object. It only creates a bookmark and calls EmbedSnapshotObject, which seems to create an association between the slide item and the bookmark.


      Also, when creating the slideItem, we pass this property:

      "qEmbeddedSnapshotDef": {

              "MySelections": "First quarter"



      There are no explanation on what this is and what is expected. If I look at a real snapshot, I get something really exhaustive in the qEmbeddedSnapshot.


      How can we specify exactly which chart to show on the slide? The snapshot object appears to be created in client.js, so it would not be possible to create it with a server call?