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    SAP Connector slow extraction

      Hello everybody,

      I'm facing an issue with the SAP Connector.

      First of all, I installed the SAP Connector 5.5 but I couldn't get any row from the tables.

      Then I installed SAP Connector 5.4 and then we could get the data but really really slowly.

      We tried many combinations, Connector 5.4 with transports 5.5, Connector 5.4 with transports 5.4 but the extraction is still really slow.

      When connecting directly to the database with an OLED connection, the extraction is really fast. Same thing when executing the queries directly in SAP with the same user.

      The firewall and the antivirus are deactivated.

      There is a SAP Router on the production environment but not on the quality environment and the problem is the same on both environments.

      Any idea?