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    Pivot table in widgets Example?


      I would like to ask, can please someone send example of pivot table through widgets?
      I found api's and other staff, but I can't find any example, so I can work on it.


      Thanks in advance

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          Stefan Walther



          just for clarification purposes. What are you trying to achieve:


          a) Create a pivot table object on the fly.

          b) Create a completely custom pivot table.




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              Hi Stefan,

              I want to build custom pivot table, with four dimensions and one measure, but with ability to hide, for example, two dimensions, they won't be shown on the table. For example, first and second dimension would be hidden, and 3 dimension would affect first column, and fourth dimension would affect first row of pivot table. Is this possible through widgets? I know that it can be done through visualization extensions, but I would like to make it work through widgets, because I see it as very good feature of sense 3.0., and I see that I can work on this side, because I like this very much. Thanks Stefan for reply, I hope that I will have answer, and I really appreciate what You are doing with widgets. Great Staff.