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    How to Ignore Day Selection

    Darmawan Suria



      Anyone can help me how to Ignore DAY Selection from these Set Analysis ?


      I have two set analysis :

      1. Max(Aggr(Avg({$<YEAR_MONTH = {"$(=max(YEAR_MONTH))"},  ONL_BTC = {"BTC"}, WEEKDAY-={'Sun','Sat'}, HOLIDAY_FLG={'N'}>}ESAP),DT))


      2. FirstSortedValue(DT, -Aggr(Avg({< ONL_BTC = {"BTC"}, YEAR_MONTH = {"$(=max(YEAR_MONTH))"}, WEEKDAY-={'Sun','Sat'}, HOLIDAY_FLG={'N'}>} ESAP), DT))


      I want the Value of Max AVG CPU 1 (21.90) and DT Max Avg CPU (15 Jun 2016) are not Change, when I click the number of DAY

      Max Avg.jpg


      Right now the value of those KPI, are changed when I click the DAY.