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    Job loading Master data from BW fails all the time

      Hello Qlikview community!

      Here is an issue we are facing

      We have a job in Qlikview publisher that run on schedule every morning at 8am which loads master data from bw to qvd. Since we scheduled it for the first time it always finishes with errors and actually Master data not being loaded. When then we run it manually it finishes ok. You can find error message example on the first picture

      The most common reason of this job failing was time out. So we thought that it is related to BW side, so may be jobs ran in time when system is overloaded or it had too low priority in BW, but that was not the case. As you can see on the second picture jobs finished successfully on BW side.

      Do you have any ideas why this could be happening?

      We would really appreciate if you would help us

      Thank you in advance!