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    Qlikview object integration with web application

    Janani Kumar

      Hi Qlik Forum.


      1. I could see recommendation on Qlik sense with mashup than going with Qlikview

         - Does this mean,t integration isn't easily achievable using qlikview?


      2. Passing parameter from embedded Qlikview objects to web application

      a. Is this achievable?

      b. If possible, How to pass the value selected from embedded qlikview object filter to web objects/filter?

      e:g:- When one selects embedded Qlikiew filter e.g:- Emp_ID=E01, the web filter containing Emp_ID has to pick this E01 from qlikiew filter.


      3. I came across DIV integration. Does DIV integration works only by enabling qlikview work bench?



      Appreciate any great help...