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    Licenses, Accesspoints and General setup

      Hey guys,


      So our company has a remote qlikview server. I remote into this one whenever I work with Qlikview.


      1. Is it possible first off to instead of remote desktop to that computer open documents and editing them on my own computer?

      - If I open it by "opening in server" I can't edit script and save the document.


      2. We have extracted our own Active directory to that Qlikviewserver. Therefor I can remote into it by using ym own company's log in.

      - When I want others to see the accesspoint it's jsut blank and no apps are seen there for them.


      This is some not really important stuff but still I would like to create apps for certain departments in the company and make it visible on the accesspoint but at this point it is not because of these issues.


      Anyone who can help me with this?