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    Internal Server Error when Searching

    Mark Ritter

      When user tried to do a Universal Search they would get an Internal Server Error box.   You could close the error box and proceed.  It did not kill the app.  But you could not do a search of any kind.


      Because this app was one of the few that we have that uses a TreeMap I started focusing on that.


      I remove the entire TreeMap and the error went away.


      Then I put it back and the error was there.


      So I dug into the Tree Map.  It contained 3 Dimensions and 1 Measure. 


      I tried several things but it seems that by removing the = in front of the expression and leaving the rest as is,  that my error went away. 



      I don't know why the = is there and I don't know why removing it made a difference. 


      Has anyone else seen this or can explain why this made a difference?  I am glad that it is working.  But would like to understand.