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    Use drilled-down dimension filter on different field

    Simon Touyet

      Hi all,


      I have a drill-down dimension setup as this:

      • CalendarYear
      • CalendarQuarter
      • CalendarMonth
      • CalendarWeek
      • CalendarDate

      However, I have a chart that needs to use a different dimension to all other charts: instead of CalendarDate, I need it to use ClosedDate. The issue is that an item can have both a CalendarDate and a ClosedDate and they would be different.

      So I have started by making the measure ignore all filters by using {1} in the SetAnalysis. Works fine. but what i would like to do is: instead of having it ignore all filters, have it show me where ClosedDate is equal to the range of CalendarDate that was selected in the filter. As stated above, the ClosedDate and CalendarDate may be different and I would like it to be based solely on ClosedDate. let's consider the sample date below:



      ID131st Dec 20151st Jan 2016
      ID21st Jan 20165th Jan 2016
      ID32nd Jan 20162nd Jan 2016

      At the minute, if my filter (used for all other charts in the app) is for the 1st of Jan 2016 as CalendarDate, it will show me the item ID2.

      If I have the SetAnalysis at {1}, it shows me ID1, ID2 and ID3 (obviously) but I would like to end up with it showing only ID1 which has the only ClosedDate of 1st Jan 2016.

      Anything possible?