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    Help with SVG maps show and hide functionality

    Vindhya Giri



      I am trying to use QlikView extension: SVG maps.

      I was successfully able to create one as per the requirement but having an issue with the show and hide functionality.


      When I create a map in a new sheet. It works as expected and as per the selections in other objects in the dashboard.

      But when I created a button in one of the sheets( there are few more buttons available in the same sheet) in the dashboard and put a condition in the options of the SVG map to be visible only when this particular button is selected. I am able to view the map when that particular button is selected but only issue is that the selections from other objects in the dashboard are not reflecting in the map.

      Example: I select a region 'Northeast' in a list box, it is not reflecting in the map. I am still able to see the whole USA map. But when I turn off the web view and turn it on back, I see that the Northeast region is selected. So every time, I have to turn off and turn on the web view to see the correct selections.


      Please advise