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    How to make KPIs change depending on clicks made on a graph?



      I have 3 KPIs that show, Unique Visitors, page views and Visits. I have data for each of these KPIs for the last 13 months but only want one months worth of data to show at any one time. I have a simple line graph plotting the changes M.o.M for these values, that I want to be able to click to select a month on the graph and the KPIs to the side then change to reflect that month. Does anyone know how to do this?


      The current formula I have for the KPIs (as I want it to default to the latest month if no selection is made) are as follows:


      (Sum(IF((Type='Unique Visitors' and [Month]='01/07/2016'),[Value])))


      Is this even possible?


      Thank you!