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    Sql "LIKE" Issue in a Sql select Load Statement In Qlik Sense?

    Simy Joseph



      I am trying to load columns from our database to Qlik sense. Some of the columns will be derived columns.

      For eg : In my sql statement if I have something similar to this


      Query: CASE WHEN Status LIKE 'Rejected*' THEN 'Rejected' ELSE 'Accepted' END AS CurrentStatus


      Output: This column will show "Rejected" for every line regardless of the Status  .


      If I change my query to


      Query: CASE WHEN Status = 'Rejected' THEN 'Rejected' ELSE 'Accepted' END AS CurrentStatus


      Output: It derives the right value for each line.


      I have tried using IF Statement instead of CASE and that also doesnt seem to work.


      Is there anything that I am missing? Any help/guidance would be appreciated!