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    Different Time Zone in NPrinting 17

    Denny Setiawan

      Dear Community,


      I use NPrinting 17.0 in my organization.


      I want to create a task with one-shot trigger. I set :

      • Time 19:00 (or 07:00 PM)
      • Start Date 19/08/2016
      • Time zone Asia/Jakarta

      See the picture below

      Question NP17 (1).jpg

      After I create, then the trigger list displayed.

      Why the time in 'Next Execution' column is different?

      See the picture below

      Question NP17 (2).jpg

      It turns into August 19, 2016 2:00 PM --> Where area this timezone corresponds? How to change into Asia/Jakarta timezone like I create before?


      Many thanks for your solutions