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    Set Analysis Expression with date range & null

    Lauren Mills



      What's wrong with my expression?


      Count({<[Dealer Hire Date] = {'<=12/31/2015'},[Dealer Term Date] = {"$(= '>=' & '01/01/2015' & '<=' & '12/31/2015')" or null}>}[Student ID])


      I am trying to count Student ID where their Dealer Hire Date is Less Than or Equal to 12/31/2015 AND they either have a Dealer Term Date in-between the dates of 01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015 OR they don't have a Dealer Term Date.


      My KPI object keeps returning the value of 0. I have a feeling my problem fall within how I am writing in the expression 'OR NULL'.


      Suggestions on how to write this?