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    how to use different nprinting email sender

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,


      I  have an issue to set the email of the sender in nprinting.

      My client hope to use a specific sender from their own for report for their clients.

      I tried following:

      1. Change  "From" email from the "Message" tab as the email address client wants (clientsemail@client.com), which only change the display of the email address in the email, you can see really email address from the general "E-mail setting" following (ouremail@ourcompany.com) as below:

      clientsemail@client.com <ouremail@ourcompany.com>

      2. Change "File"->"Options"->E-mail settings -> Default sender E-mail address, to clientsemail@client.com , it dose not work neither.

      Still show clientsemail@client.com <ouremail@ourcompany.com> in the email.


      And if the mouse hover over on the clientsemail@client.com , it shows ouremail@ourcompany.com as well.


      As our email address (user name and password ) used in the general E-mail settings use ouremail@ourcompany.com, I think this make sense.

      So I am wondering, if I need MULTIPLE sender emails, how can I do that?


      Thanks very much and have a good Friday