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    How to Pull top 5 when there is a tie

    John Jackson


      My question is to solve no 2) below. But first I want distincguish betn 1) & 2)


      1) old post (qvw attached: "Rank_sort_1")

      I was able to pull top 5 by using  Count({ < FieldA = {'1'}, Rank ={'<= 5'}>} ID) [Rank is derived from your script]. This qvw has data at ID level granularity.




      2) New post (qvw attached: "Rank_sort_2") This qvw already has count per vendor aggregated represented by the field [Regular count].

      another diff is it does not have [FieldA] because the that req is already met. with avail data, how can I pull Top 5 vendor from ABC to ABCC but not ABEE  in a pivot table keeping Group and vendor in dimensions.



      Thank you again for your generous description and continuous support. much appreciated.