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    How to keep nprinting 16 from blanking a whole row if one value is missing?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, Is there a way to tell nprinting not to omit a row even if one or another cell on the row returns a blank value?  I'd like to be able to drag/drop tables like this without going through the above workarounds.  Thanks!


      I have some tables with location dimensions, then several expressions to the right, and a totals row at the top of the expressions.  Unfortunately, nprinting kicks out the totals row I think because the dimensions columns have no values on that row.  Since there are a fair number of expressions, I'd rather not drag/drop every single expression to my template and write =sums on the template.  Similarly, hiding the dimensions and replacing with =locationname and a textcount won't be pretty because I'll have 527s above all three location columns.


      Edit: On other simpler tasks, I was fine arranging my templates vertically or moving to separate pages and doing things with placeholders when number values were all I needed.  But now find myself hoping for a way to tell nprinting to produce its own invisible placeholder(s) rather than kicking off entire rows of data.  Thanks!