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    Multiple Time Periods with different dates - how?

    Jan Ellers



      I have a tricky one. I got two KPIs lets say "sales" and "accidents". I have defined 4 time periods "current", "before", "previous" and "year on year". And i have data per calendar week.


      Now the definition of what is current, before and so on can change.


      For "sales" Current is:

      CW15 - 2016

      CW16 - 2016


      and for "accidents" Current is:

      CW16 - 2016

      CW17 - 2016


      same for the other pediods in the past - e.g.:


      For "sales" previous is:

      CW01 - 2016

      CW02 - 2016


      and for "accidents" previous is:

      CW02 - 2016

      CW03 - 2016


      In the Dashboard I want obviously only show one listbox where the user can select a time period as filter option.


      How do i do this?


      Before i had multiple values for multiple time perdiods i just had a mapping table (see below)


      Now how could i do this? Adjusting calculation formulars by set analysis would not be an issue


      CW15 - 2016Current
      CW16 - 2016Current
      CW01 - 2016Previous