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    Variables - check if exists

    Nicole Leitgeb


      Hi there,




      I´ve got some scripts in one QVW and it`s necessary to reload the script parts at different times. The reason is very easy, the raw datas exits at different times, so I can`t reload everything at once.


      At the moment I`ve solved this with variables, that`s a very easy solution. These variables were declared once and setting by button constantly. With an if clause in the script it`s possible to activate /deactivate some parts (eg. if $(vScriptVariable1)  = 1 then [reload script part1…]… else [do nothing…] end if  [and start with the next if $(vScriptVariable2)  = 1). Actually there are about 20 script parts controlled with this solution.




      But I`m not absolutely happy with this solution, because it`s possible to delete these variables and I have to declare again (regularly I delete all the variables especially to check correct initialization etc.). On the other hand I don`t like to declare these variable at every reload, because I`d like to know which script parts already done (shown by $( vScriptVariable1) ) = 1).




      So, is there a way to check if a variable exists? (To be clear: I don’t need the value of the variable rather if the variable is declared!)




      I´ve tried this with isnull($(vScriptVariable1)) nd with exists(($(vScriptVariable1)) but it doesn’t work.




      The variable vTest in the example is just declared in order to show which case (Then or Else) is valid. Of course I´ve tried with a deleted vScriptVariable1 and a declared  vScriptVariable1.


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks,