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    If Clause is creating Issue in Rangesum

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,


      I need to show rangesum for maxdate in dashboard against Time in X axis in 15 mins interval. And my expression is below:


      RangeSum(Above(Sum({$<Z_DATE=, M_DATE={'$(=(Date('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY')))'}>} ORD_LINE_CNT),0,RowNo()))

      vDATE is for max date. For max date we have data till 17:15. Chart is showing data till 17:15. as expected.


      But if we mention below expression then chart is showing data for all time , i.e. till 23:45.


      If (Selector = 'Cum',RangeSum(Above(Sum({$<Z_DATE=, M_DATE={'$(=(Date('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY')))'}>} ORD_LINE_CNT),0,RowNo())),0)


      Could anyone please help me on this.


      Thanks in advance for help.