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    Restrict Login to Access Point for users who are not assigned any CAL

    Mohammed Mukram Ali




      I am using Active Directory as Directory Service Connector to read the users information and provide access to the Qlikview applications.


      but in Active directory we have 2000 Users list from them we assigned Cal's to 120 Users to access the Qlikview Applications.


      when any user from Active Directory try to access the access point it will prompt for username and password once he enter the credentials he will logged in to access point even if he don't have any CAL he will logged in but he will not see any document.


      But what i need is to restrict the users to login to access point who don't have any CAL's assigned.


      so i need suggestion & recommendations to achieve it.


      ( is it possible : if we create a group in Active Directory with 120 Users who have the CAL's)