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    Qlik Sense 3.0 - grouping UK postcode geo points into bigger areas

    Jeff Hickman

      Hello experts


      I'm looking for some help with creating a Map chart that represents a measure (sales qty) by area of the UK


      Against each row of my sales data is a UK postcode, and I have another table that holds the latitude and longitude of each postcode


      My original idea was to plot each postcode as a dimension on a map of the UK (I used GeoMakePoint(lat,long) in my load script, and put the statement 'TAG FIELDS CustomerPostcode WITH $geoname;' in the script) with the bubble size representing the measure.


      This worked up to a point - but there are far too many postcodes and geopoints for the built-in limit of the Map visualisation, so the requirement has changed, and now we're looking to represent the sales qty by UK region (administrative region as published at Home | ONS Geography Portal). In my postcode data table I have 'Region' column, but I think I need to turn this into an 'area' to pass into Qlik.


      So the question is - can I use the collected lat/long of my postcodes (1 'collection' per region) to create a map area? And once I have those areas can I represent the measure with colour to create a heatmap of the UK?


      All advice gratefully received