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    Overwriting already loaded data (Qlik Sense)

    Demian Rebollo

      Hello Community,


      I am stuck here and need help.


      I am loading data from Excel and once loaded I need to change some cells of a table depending on a condition.

      The sample data is as follows:

      In the Load script there is no issue loading both columns, Business Unit and Business Segment.

      However, I need to reassign all the Business Segment cells containing the word "Project" to the Sales Projects Business Unit. This is the desired result:


      As you may notice, at Load time there are Business Segment cells that belong to Sales Projects, that must remain like that.


      I tried do a Mapping, like this:




        'Business Segment', 'Business Unit'

        Project Product, Sales Projects,

        Project Parts, Sales Projects,

        Project Special, Sales Projects,

        Project International, Sales Projects



      but once loaded, Business Unit cannot be used again in the mapping of Business Segment. I get this error message: Field names must be unique within table.

      This is caused because Business Unit has already been loaded and I am attempting to use the name again in the mapping...


      Maybe mapping is not the right solution, so I will appreciate any hints and help to find the correct way of doing it.


      I am attaching also the Excel file with both CurrentData and DesiredResult tables.


      Thank you!