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    Stacked Barchart Custom colouring

    suresh m

      Hi Experts,


      We have stacked bar chart,

      Having different dimensions with variable and nested if conditions,

      Measures are

      1. $(vAchApproved)/$(vTransactionCount)

      2. $(vAchInsufficient)/$(vTransactionCount)

      3. $(vAchNoAccount)/$(vTransactionCount)

      4. $(vAchAccountClosed)/$(vTransactionCount)

      5. $(vAchOthers)/$(vTransactionCount)

      Like this we have 5 Expressions , we need to represent each expression with different values for Example

      exp 1, RGB(0,255,0)

      exp 2 RGB(250,0,0).........exp 5  rgb(0,0,0)


      Please give me a solution how to achieve this.