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    Multibox expression



      I have two table with almost identical fields, one table has Meter details, including the meter serial number for example, I have an id field as well, which I use to link to the meter readings table. They have various fields(locations, meter types) with the same names so I use aliases. In one Table I need to give the details of the meters and in the other the meter readings, then we can start doing comparisons on the percentage of meter read during a month.


      My questions is how do I link the two fields in the Multibox for selections. Hope this makes sense.

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          Avinash R

          could you please illustrate your requirement with the sample data set and the required output so that we could understand the same

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            Robert Mika

            If there is an unique id in both tables they should work "out of the box".

            As Avinash mention , you can post a screenshot of your data or model.

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                I thought of doing the screenshots, but when testing it worked actually, the situation is

                Two tables

                1 with Township called Township, other table has Township field named MRTownship

                On Selection Multibox if I select Township the selection is made on Table1 and it pulls through on Table2 as well because I linked the two table with a Meter number, it seems to work, on the meter reading side(table 2 I just have to hide records there the readingdate or period is null, so in effect hiding record where there is no meter reading