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    Data Load does not re-apply relational joins in existing applications in Qlik Sense Cloud

      When working with Qlik Sense Cloud and modifying an existing App, (or creating a new app on the same dataset), if I (re)load the data (re-run Data Load on a newly uploaded xls file for example), the measures seem to update fine when going back to the app -  but if there is a change in dimension, or more specifically, a change in the joined table (eg. you change a product category from "x" to "y" in the product master file), the app doesn't reflect that relational change - it retains the previous categorization.


      I've even tried removing the xls file and re-uploading.. but there seems to be cached data, even though it processes all input files in logs:


      10:21:19 TT

      Output cleared.

      10:21:21 TT

      App successfully saved.


      Started loading data


      Sheet1$ << Sheet1$

      Lines fetched: 13,871

      Products$ << Products$

      Lines fetched: 286

      Product Group$ << Product Group$

      Lines fetched: 11

      Customers$ << Customers$

      Lines fetched: 338

      Salesmen$ << Salesmen$

      Lines fetched: 9

      Customer Group$ << Customer Group$

      Lines fetched: 30

      Processes$ << Processes$

      Lines fetched: 28

      budget$ << budget$

      Lines fetched: 10,056


      App saved


      Finished successfully

      0 forced error(s)

      0 synthetic key(s)


      Anyone see this behavior?


      Note:  This is all done with Qlik Sense Cloud, not Desktop.. I don't do Windows.