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    Drill from a row of pivot table to another dimension

    Peter Rojanavongse

      Hi all,


      I have been utilizing Qlik Sense Desktop to develop reports and have a situation with the reports. I have been researching the drill-down capabilities for Qlik Sense Desktop but have not found a solution to a desired result. I have a few questions about this situation:

      1. Is there an inherit method to drill from a row of a pivot table (or straight table) to another sheet (or detailed report)?
        • Note: Drilling from lowest-level dimension to the same dimension in another sheet. Would I need to create an extension for this scenario?
      2. How can filters be kept from the parent report/KPI metric to the detailed report?
      3. Is there an effective/efficient method of creating a cross-tab without changing the load script (via crosstable command)?
        • Note: Using an inline table or a method to reduce the load on Qlik (transposing columns into rows)
        • i.e. Transposing the table to display the max values of all the dimensions


      Please inform me if any additional documentation is required.