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    How to filter based on custom date range

    Michael Andrews

      Hi, I'm using the date picker extension here



      It works fine, but my question is how do I actually filter the data based on the selections in it? I've used the "filter" pane and added date dimensions, but we like the look and feel of this date picker better, but I'm at a loss as to how I fire a filter once the user picks a date range.


      I've been going through a bunch of tutorials but they kind of seem to be all over the place, and some of them seem like they're for earlier or different versions of qlik.


      If you know of some you can point me to, to help me out, I can definitely go through them as well.


      Also, I was under the impression that the .wbl file would tell the management console what files to open when I click edit, so I don't have to reupload every time I make a small change. However, when I click edit, I don't see any way to edit the files.